A trick to always keep quality high

August, 30, 2021 by

As an IFATC controller, keeping quality high. My advise would be to control at secondary airports for a little bit, get some good feedback from other controllers and ATC Supervisors, then go for the airports with a lot of inbounds.

Every time an ATC supervisor or controller flies in, ask them immediately or whenever for feedback on the service they recieved. If you get good feedback, great, if you do not, keep reevaluating and improving.

Even I when I take a week break or whenever, I try the heavier traffic, but if I got bad feedback or feel I did poorly I’d do one or two sessions at an airport with less traffic. For example, I opened a less busy airport because I hadn’t controlled for two days, then tomorrow I may go for a busy airport now that I’ve warmed up to the traffic.

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More