A330 Trent 700 and CF6 Engines

May, 15, 2021 by

Coming to Infinite Flight in a future update is the beloved A330-300 with the two beautiful engine variants sporting the CF6 and Trent 700 powerplants.

Here you can see an early development fresh out of the WIP (Work-in-Progress) oven.

The CF6-80E1 engines were specifically designed and made for the A330 by GE. The engine sports a 96-inch fan and 72,000lb thrust class
a 4 stage booster. It was certified at 67,500 lb thrust in May 1993 and entered revenue service in January 1994. Since its launch, the -80E1 has grown first to 70,000 lb thrust and now to 72,000 lb thrust.

The Trent 700 is a high-bypass turbofan produced by Rolls-Royce. Since Cathay Pacific launched it in March 1995, the Trent 700 has logged over 60 million hours in service and accumulates over 470,000 service hours every month. It’s engine features a wide chord fan, reducing noise and fuel burn.

Disclaimer: Assumptions were made by our team as to what exact engine types are being used based off information from Boeing, no information regarding the specfic engine variants have been confirmed.

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