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What is the IFATC Education Group?

The IFATC Education Group is a group of IFATC that educates Infinite Flight air traffic controllers and pilots about controlling and flying. We make short and easily digestible notes posted once every morning, covering one subject relating to either flying or controlling on Infinite Flight.

Learn something every day, never stop learning.

Who writes on our blog?

You can view our Masthead to see our writing staff and we also have a ton of guest Contributors.

If you’ve read our disclaimer, we don’t claim to be “experts” on every subject we post about but our team and contributors do have a wealth of knowledge in Infinite Flight and the real-world.

You’re learning as we learn new things. That is the point of this blog. To share what we learn with you, every day.

How can I receive your posts?

We post once per day, every day. Here are all the ways you can follow our blog.

The easiest and best way to receive our posts via email. You will get every post sent to your inbox, once a day, every day. No spam ever, we promise.

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You can find our daily post republished at @ifatceg.

We post live expert server ATC sessions and timelapes made by IFATC controllers. Subscribe to us here.

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We also hold live question and answer events on our blog, AMAs “Ask Me Anything”. No signing up required. Follow us to find out when they go live. It’s a great way to get introduced to Infinite Flight and will help you throughout your time using the app.

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