About Us

We are a group of Infinite Flight ATC that help further educate aspiring Infinite Flight ATC and pilots through the content we publish on our blog and other platforms. We push out tips, facts and motivational content relating to controlling and flying. We offer both an insight into what it’s like to be an expert controller or pilot, and educational content for new and experienced Infinite Flight users.

I said that the content is for aspiring ATC and pilots, but in our mind you’re always learning something new no matter how experienced you are. Never stop learning.

Kyle Boas
Manager, Editor and Writer

Writers and Contributors

The writing team is invite only, and each writer or contributor is handpicked based on the quality of their writing and understanding of aeronautical knowledge so that our readers get the facts, and only the facts.

Video Editing

Daniel Vitiello
Video Editing Team Manager

The video editing team edits all of the ATC Education Group’s channel and helps with any video related media. Join the team here!

Community Moderators

The moderation team for our Slack community is invite only, and each moderator is handpicked by the moderation team.