Accepting mistakes and learning from them

November, 4, 2021 by

I’m sure we’ve all made mistakes, and I’m sure a great amount of us have grown from them. As we are human beings, we can only do so much, mistakes happen.

For example, I was a newly promoted Specialist operating Tower at KLAX. I accidentally created a conflict between two aircraft on final when there didn’t need to be one. This was entirely caused by me as I forgot about them while handling a situation on the Ground frequency. A plan is important to have and what I was missing.

In that circumstance where I was super busy, I panicked. Splitting frequencies would’ve helped me in that case.

No matter how many times you fail, you must learn from it and keep trying!

AviationChampion is a writer for the IFATC Education Group. He lives in the United States currently residing in Ohio. He loves to control busy airports in his free time and work on things to keep himself busy. His favorite things to do include dirt biking, ATV riding, going to the beach, spotting airplanes at his local airport (KCMH), zip-lining and flying on Infinite Flight.