Achieve your goals!

February, 26, 2022 by

Welcome back to another story with me! Today I will be talking about particapting as a pilot in IFATC training, commonly referred to as ‘training-time’ on the IFATC discord.

To get pilots for a training session there is a system that publishes a request for a certain airport, from a specific trainer. It can be for radar or local training. At the end of each session, all the pilots that participated are requested to provide detailed feedback on the session.

As you have read the title, I recently achieved a goal of mine: I had my 100th session that I participated in since I joined! I’m so proud of myself since it shows that I’ve done a lot of work since I joined and I’m happy of that! My main word is “HELPING”. I’m always around to help, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to message me.

Baptiste Desmet is a writer for IFATC Education Group. He’s going through his radar training to become a radar control. He loves to control and help others in different tasks within the community. He is also IFVARB Board Member and President of Air Belgium Virtual.