Added fighter aircraft etiquette guidance

April, 3, 2021 by

The following are a good rule of thumb and the recommended military aircraft parameters:

  • Do not exceed M1.0 in normal flight
  • Do not exceed 300KIAS under ATC control or in a congested airspace
  • Do not exceed 250KIAS within 15 miles of the landing airport

If you follow these 3 parameters you should have an enjoyable and trouble-free experience on the Expert Server.

Note that the M1.0 limitation is for normal operations where you may be cruising from one airport to another with other commercial traffic. Exceeding this limit may be common in a training scenario well outside congested airspaces, over open water, or in a designate military operations area (MOA).

Tyler Shelton is the ATC Community Manager for Infinite Flight. He is also a real-world civilian air traffic controller with the FAA assigned to Harrisburg International Airport [KMDT].