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Yesterday, we had an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Marc, where the members in our Slack community got a chance to ask him questions.

Marc is from Switzerland. He has been playing Infinite Flight since 2013. In 2015 he joined the Beta team and became one of the first IFATC members. In 2019 he started to do some work for IFVARB before becoming an Infinite Flight Community Forum Moderator in November 2019.

You were one of the first IFATC members how come you still haven’t passed your test?

Now that’s a very good question. Being an IFATC controller is similar to making Swiss cheese. You can easily make one within a few weeks, but only if you let it mature for a few years, it’ll turn out perfect!

What is your favorite & least favorite food, drink/meal?

Favorite Food is Pizza. Favorite Drink is a “Spezi”, which basically is a mix between Fanta and Cola. It’s soo good. Least favorite food. Everything you eat after a Spitfire session.

What and who is your inspiration to join IFATC?

Honestly, when I joined in 2015 I’ve never heard of IFATC because it didn’t exist. They posted a Tweet looking for controllers and I applied. That was fun. Then I took a break in late 2015 and left. My motivation to rejoin again was because I became an IFC mod. IFATC is part of the job description. Still working on it though

How do you view the IFATC’s progress in 2020?

My progress so far is very slim.
But I passed the written exam! That’s a good start I guess!

How do you manage being a moderator?

Coffee. Lots of coffee. But honestly, it’s so much fun. It’s a great privilege for me that I’m able to work in this role on this community and the team is just fantastic. And I’m still learning new things every day. You need to be open minded, you need to be able to understand different opinions. It’s really cool to be part of this.

Hey Marc! What is the hardest thing about being a mod on the IFC?

Making decisions of which you know that not everyone will understand why we made them. I used to be a “normal” user on the community. During that time, there were moments as well when I’ve been thinking “Okay, maybe that rule is a bit too restrictive.” But we don’t make rules or restrictions out of fun. There’s always a good reason for something. We always discuss those matters in depth. And this is very interesting and something that I enjoy; having the possibility to shape this community of which I’ve been part of for half a decade in some way.

What are your planes for the future, something with aviation?

And for the future: My dream is to become a pilot at some day. I’d also love to live in the USA at some point. Now, with Corona and everything, who knows how the future will turn out. For now, I plan on finishing my studies. And then we’ll see how the world looks!

What is your most favourite place to visit in the world?

USA. I love that country. There are so many places I’d love to discover over there. Sadly, COVID cancelled my trip to Oshkosh and Washington this year. But hey, next year maybe!

How is life being and mod?

Being a mod is challenging but lots of fun. I get to work with a fantastic team from all around the world, I got to meet some new friends (some of whom I met in person already), and I get to grow as a person as well. I’ve learned so many things during my time on the IFC, it’s a privilege.

Has your family been affected by the COVID-19 situation?

My family hasn’t been affected by COVID, luckily. We weren’t able to visit relatives in Germany for a few months as they closed all borders in Europe. But we’re all healthy, and that’s what matters!

What’s your favourite aeroplane in Infinite Flight today?

I love the A320 because it’s beautiful to fly with the live instruments and everything. The 772 is stunning too! But recently, I rediscovered GA flying. I’ve been using the X-Cub and the C172 to explore the mountains of Colorado a bit. Both are soooo much fun to fly, it’s very hard to decide.

What would you like to see added [to Infinite Flight] next?

On the feature list, I’d love to see another GA plane at some point (plane). I’d also love to see the Swissair livery on the Boeing 747 (livery). But besides that: Realistic lightnig (taxiway lights, taxi lights, …). That would be awesome!

How did you discover Infinite Flight? What was your first memorable experience in game?

I don’t remember how I discovered it. All I know is that I started flying in 2013. The first thing I do remember though was my very first flight on the live servers (Palo Alto to Half Moon Bay in a 737). I got 3 or 5 violations on that flight alone because of the airspace restrictions that existed back then. Great fun though.

What do you feel your greatest contribution to the IFC is?

That’s a difficult question. I’d like to think that I can add a different perspective on some things as I try to understand different opinions as good as I can and I also try to question things in a certain way. However, we’re a team. Us mods and Staff members work as a team. We decide as a team. I don’t take credits for anything just on my own. We’re a really good group and the teamwork is great.

What do you think is the most important trait to maintain while being a moderator?

Don’t forget the perspective of a “normal” user. Just because something makes sense from a moderators perspective, it can be difficult to understand from a users perspective as they might not have all information available. You need to be able to explain your decisions.

Did you start playing IF first or join the community?

I stated playing Infinite Flight in 2013. The IFC wasn’t founded until 2015. Before that, we had an IFATC Facebook group. That was an interesting time!

What inspired you to be active for so many years?

I don’t know. It’s just such a fun place and an important part of my life. I met many new friends on this platform, I learned many things about aviation, teamwork, and leadership. Every day is different. Every day you learn something new and you meet a new person. The community changes day by day. And being able to be part of this is fun.

If another IF Flight Sim event occurs in the UK, would you be interested in going in the main aftermath of this pandemic?

Absolutely! If it’s safe to travel, I’m going. No doubt. I had everything booked to travel to Oshkosh and Cosford this year. Both got cancelled, sadly. Absolutely gutted. But safety first! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you once this pandemic is over. Stay safe!

Would you like to control as an IFATC?

YES! I really need to take up my training again!

What is your favourite route to fly on by IF?

KLAX – KSFO. It’s BEAUTIFUL! The landscape, the departure, the approach. It’s my all-time favorite route to fly!

Do you like Toblerone?

Yes, and no. The normal “bar” I don’t like. It’s terrible to eat. And honestly, I think the only reason Toblerone is made, is for tourists. However… I developed a recipe for a Toblerone Mousse au Chocolate. And that’s just lovely!

From the IFATC Meetings, we know that you speak english very well. Is this something that lies in the family or did you teach yourself ? If so how did you do it?

I actually learned it on my own (mostly). The basic grammar stuff I learned in school. But you can’t learn a language if you don’t use it. So I started reading English websites, I watched English TV shows (started German with English Subtitles, switched to English with German subs, then to English with English subs and now I don’t need any subs). The IFC also helped me a lot.

And for the speaking part: Honestly, as stupid as it sound: I started to reading English books and news papers out loud and recorded myself. Then I played back the recording, listened and checked if I can understand myself. If I didn’t, I knew where I had to improve.

(I also have a little “talent” with accents. It’s rather easy for me to take up different accents, both in German and English. That also helped to get rid of most of the German accent.)

Favorite and least favorite things about Switzerland?

Favorite Thing: The landscape. We have mediterranean climate in Ticino, we have European climate in Northern Switzerland, we have Arctic climate in some part of Western Switzerland and we have the Alps. The mountains of Switzerland are so extremely beautiful. Our cities are beautiful too. Overall, Switzerland is definitely one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. Least favorite thing: Switzerland is expensive. Even for us Swiss citizens it’s hard to afford sometimes. Also, the Swiss have a bit of a conservative mindset. You really notice that when it comes to political matters (which I won’t start discussing here). It’s a bit frustrating sometimes. Overall, Switzerland is a fantastic country to live in and I feel privileged that I got to grow up here. I’d like to see something different at some point though!

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned and/or discovered whilst being a part of this community?

I learned a lot of things about myself of which I never thought that I could do that. Like flying to London for one day just for a community meet-up. I’m probably crazy.

Did it feel intimidating at first to interact with your Infinite Flight coworkers when you started? How do you manage that kind of cohesion?

Not as intimidated as I felt before, during and right after that spitfire training session you made me go through.

Did it feel intimidating at first to interact with your Infinite Flight coworkers when you started? How do you manage that kind of cohesion?

Not as intimidated as I felt before, during and right after that spitfire training session you made me go through.

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