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This Saturday, we had an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Misha Camp in the ATC Education Group Workshop, where our members got a chance to ask him questions.

He is an Infinite Flight staff member in charge of Social Media, and Community Management. Here are all of the questions and answers.

How did you become an Infinite Flight staff member?

I flew to Vegas for the expo, and then a conversation happened. A few weeks later I started a few more behind the scenes things, then slowly got more and more responsibility!

What is your favorite part of being in charge of Social Media?

mhmm, I very much enjoy getting all the various strands and separate outlets of Infinite Flight media all in one place and attempting to make it coherent with Jason.

I also take little bets with myself to see how many likes/comments a certain photo can get before posting. Normally it’s quite accurate, so if there is one with fewer likes, we will know about it before we post most probably.

Misha: Cricket, football, or rugby?

I play football and always have, so that’s probably number 1! I went to the Ashes a few times so that was fun, but I do love the amazing game that is rugby, so that’s number 2!

How far in advance do you plan for the weekly Friday Night Flight event and other events like Flash Flights?

I have various tracking documents. There I tend to spam ideas. I have enough for at least the next year, but then I always include things that pop up last minute such as releases or public events.

In terms of the actual weekly plan, sometimes it can be as short as a few days ahead, but most of the time it’s several weeks so that Tyler and I can coordinate.

Do you have any plans on creating more Infinite Flight event types other then FNF and the Flash Flights?

Yes! There is a monthly GA one I want to start soonish. IFAET have been working on the airports for me on the side. I think themed sets of FFs are also the way to go though.

Events take up a lot of time so we have to be sure there worth it first.

What aspirations do you have flying real world?

So, this is a big one I was keeping kind slightly under wraps.

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot, and I applied to a MPL course a few months back. I have 2 more interviews and then I am in. I’ve passed a bunch of tests etc already, so I am close. I could obviously not get in and fail, but I will work hard to make sure I am in.

I’d love to be a training captain or something in the future!

What is one of the biggest challenges of managing the forum?

The diversity in age. It’s the main clash most of the time, and that’s only fair. It’s really hard to make somewhere that is welcoming for all ages as we all have a different way of acting depending on our age.

This is one of the main reasons why the rules are quite right and pretty clear. It helps people talk in a more controlled setting so that there are less conflicts.

What is your favorite Infinite Flight related story to tell?

Probably at Osh when we had the horn fiasco. Head to the Osh recap vid and wait until the end if you haven’t already…

Why Unicorn? Is it your favorite animal? Is it true there’s unicorn on an aircraft livery in Infinite Flight? For context, Misha known as the Unicorn within the community.

Not sure! It just kinda happened a few years back when I changed my bio. And yes there is indeed! ACJ318 livery 5, then check the engines!

It was added as Jarno and I were talking in Vegas and I convinced him to add it. ?

Future Plans (other than being a pilot)?

I’d love to explore more. Not in the holiday sense, but stuff like motor biking around rural Scotland or going to Iceland and camping.

I’d also love to live aboard for a while!

Would the Infinite Flight Staff Team possibly look to expand their events team in the future? If you could add one thing to your Infinite Flight events.. what would it be?

That’s a Jason question, but we currently have a core few we focus on. As we expand in the distant future I am sure we would go to more things though, yes.

With regards to events, I would say clear SID/STARs. They work great and add realism, but they’re sadly not followed. I’d love to have some sort of auto enforced thing.

What would you say is the best part of being apart of the staff team? In my eyes, it is mixed with fun and seriousness. I would be cool to have your opinion!

I just tend to annoy Jason in our slack. Apart from that it’s the ability to be flexible and in a team where we all get on well.

When it comes to the public perception of how people view Infinite Flight, do you feel it is unfair in someway, or do you accept some of the criticism when it comes to certain features of the simulator and how it can be made better?

I try not to be biased. I have used the app so much even before being staff, so I love it. I think the criticisms about a lack of things such as lights or buildings are okay from the average user as they don’t have the info as to why we don’t have them already.

The public perception, however, is generally awesome!

How do you feel about the future of the sim? Do you feel at the current pace of development those future features/aircraft will convince more people to choose IF over competitors?

I think Infinite Flight is already in such a great place with regards to it’s market position. I think that development is only going to get better!

what does the paycheck look like at Infinite Flight? Genuinely interested in how much yall make.

4 bags of corn

How much time do you spend in Infinite Flight / do you have much spare time since you’ve become a moderator/staff?

I spread my work day across a very large period, from between 0800Z to 0100Z, roughly. This means a normal working day is pretty easy and it seems like I have a tonne of free time!

Before becoming staff I literally just went on the IFC or flew in the sim, so nothing much has changed there lol.

Will a CDU be added to the cockpits? Are you guys working on making every aircrafts cockpit live? There is a lot of room for improvement eg. buildings and lights (as you said). Are we to see any of these things implemented in the future?

We are working on things that are either directly related to these features or will enable their facilitation in the relatively near future.

Clouds this year tho.

I know that you love nature and love being physically active. What is your fav walking/biking/hiking path?

Yorkshire 3 peaks. Done it a bunch of times.

What are you doing to compete with X-Plane 10 mobile global scenery and interactive cockpits?

Continue to be the best.

My question to you is, “can we expect more community meet-ups in Europe for this year?” I think it’s really important to maintain a good relationship with European based users as well as all users. A lot of the meet-ups typically happen in North America, so I’m curious to know if there are plans for future European meet-ups / other events planned to strengthen the relationship with the European base.

Perhaps. The LHR one was a bit of a test. It’s much easier to theme around something, so if we do it’ll be more like a bunch of ya head to the Paris air show or something.

What are the pros and cons of beta (or alpha) testing?

Getting something that you’ve waited for for ages and then it doesn’t work for a month [A350 etc]. The best bit is being able to then make them work. I also enjoy chatting with our beta team as they’re aware folk.

What are personality traits you consider valuable on an online setting such as the IFC or a slack channel?

For beta I would say calm, reasoned, logical, thorough and not afraid to say when something isn’t quite right, then back that up with reasoning.

I’ve heard you’re doing some flight training — how is that going and what got you into aviation in the first place?

So I actually quit my PPL in favour of getting into an MPL course. Bit of a gamble but I’m sure it’ll pay off.

Not sure what got me into it. I flew from Glasgow to Luton all the time when I was young with EasyJet and I think the awe stuck.

Now I want to just be a professional at it as that’s a satisfying feeling.

Do you think we will see the 757 reworked in the coming years?

It’s a staff fave I know that, but I can’t say anything further as it’s simply not my department!

What alpha testing?

To answer this more fully.

Alpha is pre-beta. This means for things that are super secret, or things that are so rough that it would basically cause issues with tracking the reports in beta, we use this.

Do you to the Instagram posts and designs? What are your roles within Infinite Flight as a staff member

Cool designs such as FNF are done by Jason. I just say no a lot of times until it looks snazzy. He does 95% with these though, I only input. He’ll then send them my way as a .psd and I’ll use and tweak them for each event, then post!

Overall I do the following as main things:

  • Social media
  • Foruming
  • IFVARB oversight
  • Beta management
  • App Store reviews
  • In-app events
  • Real world events

Is there anything that you would really like be added that would be a “Quality of life” sort of thing? Doesn’t necessarily have to be within the Sim itself (eg, IFC/ slack/ other)

A few things that I would love:

  • Grade requirement increases [almost finished I promise]
  • The ability to take video better in the sim
  • New cameras
  • The ability to make/input SID/STARs
  • IFATC to be able to use holds more easily

Who oversees replying to Google Play Store reviews?

Me, Seb does the actual apple App Store mainly.

If you had to move somewhere… where would you love to move to?

Any Scandinavian country, New Zealand or Japan.

Who would win a landing competition amongst the Infinite Flight Staff?

Tyler. That dude is a wizard. I’d be a close second I think, then Philippe last. #whoremembersMilan

If you could work in any other job at Infinite Flight, what would it be?

Probably making liveries. I love detail and doing things well, and it’d probably be therapeutic.

That, plus we all know I would add crazy liveries.

Have you ever seen any west end/broadway tour musical?

Like a bazillion. Kinky Boots is the best.

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