AMAs “Ask Me Anything”

AMA, which stands for “Ask Me Anything”, is a question and answer style event that we hold on our blog that gives you the opportunity to ask our special guest any question you’d like.

How do they work?

A post will be published on our blog the day of the AMA. For 24 hours, from the time the post is published, you will be able to ask our guest questions. The guest will then answer any of the questions asked, live, throughout the day.

To leave a question all you have to do is simply go to the post, then at the bottom there will be a form for you to send in your question.

No signing up. Simple and easy to participate. One on one access with some of the most influential and interesting people in the Infinite Flight community and aviation industry.

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Upcoming Guests

Dates subject to change.

Sebastian Schyllberg

March 6, 2020
Infinite Flight Staff Technical Support and Technical Forum Management

Recent AMAs

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AMA with Drummer - Join us for an AMA “Ask Me Anything” today with Infinite Flight Community Forum Moderator, Drummer. All day Drummer will answering your questions in the comments.
AMA with Tyler Shelton #2 - Join us for an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Infinite Flight ATC Community Manager, Tyler Shelton. All day Tyler will answering your questions in the comments.
AMA with Evan L. - Question and answer event with commercial pilot and flight instructor, Evan L.
AMA with Capt. Ryan Smithies - Question and answer event with 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Pilot, Capt. Ryan Smithies
AMA with Declan O’Regan - Question and answer event with Infinite Flight Moderator, IFATC Supervisor, Recruiter, and former Trainer, Declan O’Regan.
AMA with Jared Dichter - CRJ Pilot, Captain and Line Check Airman for PSA Airlines.
AMA with John Goering - Developer of In-Flight Assistant and SmoothTrack
AMA with Naro - Infinite Flight Community Forum Moderator as well as a IFATC Supervisor and Recruiter. He holds a real-world Commercial Pilot Certificate and attends Purdue University as an Aviation Management major.
AMA With Philippe Rollin - Infinite Flight Co-Founder and Developer
AMA with Nancy Bradshaw - Nancy is an airline pilot, commercial ASEL and Helicopter pilot, CFI, CFII, and AGI for airplanes.

She has a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and was a Flight Test Engineer for nine years working on the F16 and F35 platforms.

She’s runs an incredible educational YouTube channel geared towards pilots and those wanting to become pilots and is the owner of the website, Fly Good Aviation.