An LFPG example for newer specialists

May, 15, 2020 by

I would just like to share something with all our newer specialists that recently joined, regarding tower and a big wave of inbounds. I just got off from a session at LFPG as tower, ground and ATIS, and it was extremely fun without approach.

When you are controlling tower and see a big wave of inbounds, don’t panic and start thinking no I can’t handle it, I have to close otherwise I’ll get overwhelmed. Breathe, you can do it. Prioritise, start at the inside out, look at where the aircraft are and assign them the best suited runway depending on their position. Sequence them and clear, then you’re done, move on to the next and repeat. When you look again you’ll see that you’re done! If the pilot fail to comply ghost him.

After you have done that continue to monitor the situation, if you see a spot where the seperation is a bit tight, help the pilot out and assign them a runway that will give them better spacing.

Remember, if you don’t push yourself you won’t get better. So next time things start to get hot in the tower, take a deep breath and execute. The wave will pass and you’ll come out as a better controller on the other side.

Juan Oosthuizen is a contributor for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and real-world PPL student pilot.