Approach Legend

April, 1, 2022 by

You’ll notice in the flight planning or if you’re just looking at the procedures, that there is a certain pattern to what each Approach means. Here is a list to reference of all the approach types and their abbreviations.

Example: H35LZ
H: RNAV (RNP) Approach
35L: Runway 35L
Z: Zulu

H: RNAV (RNP) Approach
I: ILS Approach
L: Localizer-Only Approach
R: RNAV (GPS) Approach

Runway Prefixes
L: Left
R: Right
Y/Z: Straight-in runways using same guidance

This will be extremely helpful to quickly realize what each approach means when flight planning or more importantly, when controlling. You will quickly be able to read this short abbreviated name and understand what type of approach they will be flying.

Reference: Infinite Flight Instrument Procedures Tutorial

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