ATC Manual v22.1 released

February, 15, 2022 by

With the release of the newest Infinite Flight update, version 22.1, comes the first ATC Manual update of the year. Check out the change log below.

All changes are effective on February 14th 2022

1A.5.2 Controllers are no longer permitted to rejoin IFATC if removed twice due to inactivity

1A.6.6 New role of IFATC Moderator added (see below for details)

1A.7.1 Sensible airport selection now part of checkride evaluation

1A.7.3/8 Controllers in checkride phase may now staff any listed FNF or ATC Schedule airport. CR controllers still cannot staff any flash flight or stream airport. Good judgement must still be used!

1A.8.1 Clarification on rank reinstatement following suspension

1B.1.8 Members may not ask a controller to issue a Violation on their behalf

6.6.1 Note regarding center frequency selection. Controllers should ensure they choose a facility frequency based off a location that provides the most radio coverage.

6.9.2 Controllers no longer required to check if a pilot has filed the correct instrument approach before advising to “expect” a specific approach (GPS or ILS). Pilots are responsible for filing and/or tuning the appropriate guidance when advised.

6.9.4 Verbiage adjusted to clarify GPS Approach clearance procedures

You can review the entire ATC Manual and it’s changes by accessing the manual at

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More