ATC Schedule: 15-21 Feb 2021

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Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.


Featured Airport: Seoul Incheon* (RKSI)

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Route Airline
Santiago* (SCEL) – Asuncion (SGAS) Ladeco
Mendoza (SAME) – Santiago* (SCEL) Ladeco
Sao Paulo* (SBGR) – Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) Ladeco
Bogota (SKBO) – Santiago* (SCEL) Ladeco
Santiago (SCEL) – Montevideo (SUMU) Ladeco
Salta Martin (SASA) – Buenos Aires (SABE) LAPA
Rio Gallegos (SAWG) – Rio Grande (SAWE) LAPA
San Carlos (SAZS) – Buenos Aires (SABE) LAPA
Cordoba (SACO) – Buenos Aires (SABE) LAPA

Featured Airline: Ladeco & LAPA


HUB: Istanbul* (LTFM)

Destinations: Izmir (LTBJ), Tel Aviv (LLBG), Antalya (LTAI), Adana (LTAF), Ankara (LTAC), Trabzon (LTCG), Thessaloniki (LGTS), Odessa (UKOO)

Featured Airline: Turkish Airlines


Airport Carrier
HUB: Memphis* (KMEM) FedEx
Indianapolis (KIND) FedEx
Fort Worth Alliance (KAFW) FedEx
Oakland (KOAK) FedEx
Greensboro (KGSO) FedEx
Anchorage (PANC) FedEx and UPS
HUB: Louisville* (KSDF) UPS
Colombia (KCAE) UPS
Chicago-Rockford (KRFD) UPS
Ontario (KONT) UPS
Philadelphia (KPHL) UPS

Featured Theme: FedEx vs UPS

Friday: To Be Announced


HUB: Stockholm Arlanda* (ESSA)

All other airports ATC choice from event destination list

Featured Event: The Great Scandinavian Flyout


ATC Choice in the Highlighted Region

*denotes airports that must not be opened by controllers in the Specialist or Officer check ride phase.

Tyler Shelton is the ATC Community Manager for Infinite Flight. He is also a real-world civilian air traffic controller with the FAA assigned to Harrisburg International Airport [KMDT].