ATC Schedule • 18-24 Jan 2021

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Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.



Manila* (RPLL), Hong Kong (VHHH), Cebu City (RPVM), Davao City (RPMD), Taipei (RCTP), Singapore (WSSS), Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)

Featured Airline: Philippines Airlines

Low-Cost Showdown – Allegiant vs Frontier


HUB: Orlando Sanford* (KSFB)
Destinations: Knoxville (KTYS), Asheville (KAVL), Allentown (KABE), Indianapolis (KIND), Grand Rapids (KGRR), Cincinnati (KCVG), Austin (KAUS), MidAmerica (KBLV)

Featured Airline: Allegiant


HUB: Orlando International* (KMCO)
Destination: Philadelphia (KPHL), Long Island (KISP), Raleigh (KRDU), Denver* (KDEN), Las Vegas (KLAS), Houston (KIAH), Atlanta* (KATL)

Featured Airline: Frontier


Route Time
Tashkent (UTTT)-Almaty (UAAA) 1:25
Tashkent(UTTT)-Dushanbe (UTDD-Newly Edited!) 0:45
Tashkent (UTTT)-Baku (UBBB) 2:00
Mineralnye (URMM)-Tashkent (UTTT) 3:30
Tashkent (UTTT)-Istanbul (LTFM) 5:20
St. Petersburg (ULLI)-Tashkent (UTTT) 5:10
Tashkent (UTTT)-Moscow Domodedovo (UUDD) 4:10
Antalya (LTAI)-Tashkent (UTTT) 5:00
Navoi (UTSA)-Tashkent (UTTT) 1:10

Featured Airline: Uzbekistan B757 Routes

Friday: To Be Announced


Toronto*(CYYZ), Montreal (CYUL), Calgary (CYYC), Vancouver (CYVR), Halifax (CYHZ), Quebec City (CYQB), Ottawa (CYOW), Keflavik (BIKF)

Featured Airline: Air Canada


ATC Choice in the Highlighted Region

*denotes airports that should not be opened by controllers in the check ride phase

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