Baptiste’s ATC Journey Part 2: Recruitment

June, 2, 2021 by Baptiste Desmet

April 24, 2021, I started the IFATC recruitment process. I met all the necessary requirements to be able to do it and I went for it. 5 hours later I have an answer from my recruiter assigned, ShaneAviation telling me that I can do my theory test. I passed the test the same evening with 84%. I was delighted I passed this step and I am now redirected to the practical. I made the decision not to take it right away and to take some training with a trainer before attempting the test.

April 27, 2021, I received a message from my assigned trainer, Juan Oosthuizen who is also a supervisor, that he would be my trainer. I booked the different sessions that I had to have and I officially started my training on the 29th of April, 2021.

My first session was not the best I had a lot of mistakes but I didn’t give up and we did the session again another day and it was better. Then followed about 6 sessions in which I learned a lot of things. Finally, on May 16, 2021 I did my last session with Juan and this session covered everything I needed in a practical, which I passed and so after this one I booked with my recruiter to attempt the practical test the same day and I passed the test successfully.

I was a little stressed at the beginning but in the end everything went well because I knew I was capable of it. For this part of my journey I would like to personally thank Juan Oosthuizen for the time they have taken for me and for all they have taught me!

May 16, 2021, I officially became part of the IFATC team, after the written, 6 sessions and my practical, what an adventure. I am very happy to be doing ATC every day throughout Europe, I was promoted to IFATC Specialist on May 23, 2021 after passing my chech-ride phase. Now, since I became a specialist I have given myself the goal to open different airports every day and not to focus on big HUBs right away but that will come I’m sure very soon!

Baptiste Desmet is a contributor for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC specialist and he really likes flying and controlling.

Baptiste’s ATC Journey Part 1: The Beginning

June, 1, 2021 by Baptiste Desmet

When I started playing Infinite Flight it was back when there was still the Space Shuttle, the Super Decathlon and global was yet to be released. I took a half a year break before finally coming back to Infinite Flight when global was released. I clearly re-discovered what Infinite Flight was, everything or at least a good part of it had changed.

We had the whole world map, you no longer had to pay for each plane, instead you would need to pay a subscription, and that’s what made me come back to Infinite Flight.

At first I was doing small flights between LAX and SFO, and I thought I would never do long haul flights or ATC. Those are the two things I did a little later (2-3 months after I told myself that). Then came the confinement because of COVID-19, we were forced to stay at home, that’s when I started to get into Infinite Flight, I didn’t stop anymore. I did a lot of group flights, events and everything and one day I got the idea to start ATC.

My beginnings as an ATC were not glorious, I was only controlling in London (when there was room) but when I was connected to London it was a disaster, no one listened to the commands I gave them, everyone did the opposite of what I said and unfortunately, in a training server there is no way to stop an aircraft/pilot from doing what they are doing other than to tell them to follow instructions (which of course they don’t do). After that I started to be a bit disgusted because I found it so sad and so it didn’t make me want to open again as an ATC.

Finally, I started to do ATC again but trying to diversify the airports, I started by opening my home airport EBBR but nobody came, too much forgotten unfortunately in the square CDG, AMS, FRA and LHR. Then I opened Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Toulouse, cities of this type and I had a lot more traffic and from that moment I took a taste of ATC but did not have enough time to dedicate to training.

A few months later, at the end of April 2021, I decided to start getting serious and begin the recruitment process to become part of the IFATC.

Baptiste Desmet is a contributor for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC specialist and he really likes flying and controlling.