AMA with Drummer

February, 20, 2021 by Bruce Perry

Hi everyone,

My name is Bruce Perry, and I am an Infinite Flight Community Moderator. I have been a customer of Infinite Flight, off and on, since 2016; however, I joined the community on February 1st, 2020.

Additionally to the forum, I am an IFATC Supervisor, Trainer, and Tester. IFATC has made the Air Traffic Control aspect of Infinite Flight, my favorite.

Something that may come to a surprise to many, who may not know me as well, is that I do not have any background within the field of aviation. In real life, I am a 19 year old, sophomore at a university, studying to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Percussion Performance. My biggest goal is to one day become a Timpanist or Percussionist in a major symphony orchestra in the United States. I focus a lot on instruments such as the timpani and other orchestral percussion.

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Bruce Perry is an Infinite Flight Community Forum Moderator. He is also an IFATC Supervisor, Trainer and Tester.