The New Question Of The Day Bot

April, 26, 2022 by

, The Question Of The Day Bot how does it work, how do you use it and how/why was it made?

Firstly, how/why was it made? It all started when I saw Kyle Boas talking about how he wanted a new bot. I contacted him and said I could do it, he said ok and I got to work. After weeks of coding in python, and testing, I finally finished the first version. Now I continue to add more features.

The bot works by sending a DM to each person with the QOTD role, in the dm you will find the question, and options for the answer (if the question is multiple choice). After reading the question, simply type the answer in the chat with the bot and send it. Then, in another channel on the server, the bot will send your answer. This channel can only be seen by certain roles such as staff. The staff or other people who have access to that channel will then mark your answer by the reaction to the bot’s message with your answer. After 3 hours (16:00z), the bot will stop accepting answers and post the answer in the #general channel.

The leaderBoard

In the #leaderboard channel, you can find an embed, this will show the top 8 people who have answered the most correct answers. as the staff mark your answers, your score on the leaderboard will go up, staff can also un-react to your answers meaning they are un-marking them, this also means your points will go down by however many of your answers they un-reacted on.

This bot can be found on the IFATC Education Group server. I hope you enjoy it and answer your questions well.

Thank you for reading,