Aircraft size restrictions at your airport? Here’s how IFATC enforce them

May, 21, 2021 by

This may be trivial to some but controllers have the tendency to use incorrect commands to enforce size restrictions. Here’s how to enforce them properly.

The “Aircraft too large” command under Misc. Messages says, “Aircraft is too large for this airport”. This should be used as the primary command to notify restricted aircrafts of airport size restrictions.

If your airport has ATIS, add “size restrictions” NOTAM.

At airports with permanent TFR/NOTAM size restrictions as well as those with ‘GA day’ event TFR’s, the broadcast command “Notify airport restrictions” can be used along with “Aircraft too large” command. “Notify airport restrictions” says “Attention all aircraft, please check current airport restrictions, NOTAM will be enforced by reports”.

Do not use the “Deny Entry” command (“Due to heavy traffic, airport is not accepting incoming traffic at this time”) as it does not convey the correct reason for the denial and can be confusing for pilots, especially if the airport is empty. “Unable, Divert” command (“Airport is unable to accept arriving traffic. Please divert to a suitable airport”) can be used in conjunction with “Aircraft too large” command if the restricted aircraft continues inbound.

Editor’s Note: The final paragrah was updated on May 31, 2021.

Zuhair Mazhar a contributor for the IFATC Education Group, an IFATC Officer, Tester and member of the Infinite Flight Appeals Team.