Baptiste’s ATC Journey Part 1: The Beginning

June, 1, 2021 by

When I started playing Infinite Flight it was back when there was still the Space Shuttle, the Super Decathlon and global was yet to be released. I took a half a year break before finally coming back to Infinite Flight when global was released. I clearly re-discovered what Infinite Flight was, everything or at least a good part of it had changed.

We had the whole world map, you no longer had to pay for each plane, instead you would need to pay a subscription, and that’s what made me come back to Infinite Flight.

At first I was doing small flights between LAX and SFO, and I thought I would never do long haul flights or ATC. Those are the two things I did a little later (2-3 months after I told myself that). Then came the confinement because of COVID-19, we were forced to stay at home, that’s when I started to get into Infinite Flight, I didn’t stop anymore. I did a lot of group flights, events and everything and one day I got the idea to start ATC.

My beginnings as an ATC were not glorious, I was only controlling in London (when there was room) but when I was connected to London it was a disaster, no one listened to the commands I gave them, everyone did the opposite of what I said and unfortunately, in a training server there is no way to stop an aircraft/pilot from doing what they are doing other than to tell them to follow instructions (which of course they don’t do). After that I started to be a bit disgusted because I found it so sad and so it didn’t make me want to open again as an ATC.

Finally, I started to do ATC again but trying to diversify the airports, I started by opening my home airport EBBR but nobody came, too much forgotten unfortunately in the square CDG, AMS, FRA and LHR. Then I opened Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Toulouse, cities of this type and I had a lot more traffic and from that moment I took a taste of ATC but did not have enough time to dedicate to training.

A few months later, at the end of April 2021, I decided to start getting serious and begin the recruitment process to become part of the IFATC.

Baptiste Desmet is a writer for IFATC Education Group. He’s going through his radar training to become a radar control. He loves to control and help others in different tasks within the community. He is also IFVARB Board Member and President of Air Belgium Virtual.