Being consistent pays off

March, 30, 2022 by

3 years ago I started posting to this blog, with no following.

We, and I say we because we have had a writing team, posted 560 notes myself. Since the creation of the blog we’ve went from 0 to 60,000 users, 130,000 page views, and over 300 newsletter subscribers, all in one year.

This was feasible because we were consistent. We post once a day, daily. Very simple process. The posts are created and then queued up to be sent out to our blog which is then sent to our email subscribers and social media.

By being consistently amazing day in and day out this shows quality, quality attracts people and makes them want to share what you do. Which then snowballs and eventually you’ll gain credibility, people will look to you.

Being consistently amazing will allow you to advance in whatever you are doing, so try that, and report back in a year or so.

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. โ€” More