“Bend it like Beckham”, with a twist missed.

January, 31, 2022 by

We once wrote about a whippage technique where it is too late for a radar controller to give an aircraft that is on base waiting for an ILS clearance. You would have to do a reverse curve and clear them for the ILS with a 10° to 30° Angle.

The missed ILS clearance is a little different. Let’s say that you have given the ILS clearance at a 30° angle but the pilot has missed the Glide slope or/and localiser. In that case, you would have to do similar thing as the “whippage” technique, but now, you can just give the heading and the clearance directly. But remember to give a lower intercept altitude for the pilot to be able to intercept de glide slope.

Here’s an example, you gave a clearance for runway 26L with a 290° Intercept at 3000ft. The pilot has missed the glideslope and/or Localiser. You give another clearance with an intercept at 230° at 2000’ for it to be able to intercept the glide slope properly without being too high because he is closer to the runway.

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