Breaking ground

January, 1, 2021 by

“I’ve always wanted to say this…buildings are a WIP!” Misha Camp, Infinite Flight Staff member, wrote when he finally closed the buildings feature request on the community forum. In Infinite Flight’s 2020 Recap video they showed off for the first time what 3D building objects may look like when they are implemented into the simulator.

Infinite Flight WIP

The features you see are an early work in progress and we can confirm the pictures were taken at San Francisco International Airport. And we say “3D building objects” because it’s not only buildings we see. Terminals, jetways, pushback tugs, various ground support equipment, traffic cones, lamp posts, and other things we might have missed.

Still shots from the Infinite Flight 2020 Recap video

Laura Laban, Infinite Flight CEO and Co-Founder, tweeted that the team have been working “a year on that project”. There is no release date for the 3D building objects.

Reference: 2020 Year In Review

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