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Atari Breakout from the jump seat view in the A350

When the A350 was towards the end of beta testing around early December 2019, I noticed something odd as I was flying over Australia. I was doing my usual checking of bugs, flying at FL420 and saw in the cockpit what appeared to be a game I remembered playing as a kid – Breakout on the old Atari video game system.

I focused in on the game and noticed – it was playable! I made a comment about it and the beta testers had a lot of fun trying to best find out how to get the game to appear, and when they did, best each other’s times.

When the A350 was update was released, Misha Camp, an Infinite Flight staff member, made a post about finding a ‘egg’, the easter egg being Breakout. The community went bonkers, with over 500 posts in the topic in a very short time.

There were so many guesses. For a brief time, another Infinite Flight Community Forum Moderator, Deercrusher, gave me the tag as ‘Egghead’ because I had discovered this gem first. Not many connections were made.

After a few hundred posts, the community caught on and soon everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful game of Breakout.

Breakout was re-introduced with the release of the re-worked 757, and continues to be a hit with January’s Game-Time, devoted to achieving and showcasing the best times completing the game. The current quickest time to complete the game is 36.4 seconds, set by the IFATC Education Group’s Founder, Kyle Boas.

To play the game in Infinite Flight, you must do the following. Autopilot is not required but recommended, especially if you are flying on the expert server because to play the game you will need to tilt your device:


  • Reach FL420 or higher.
  • Go to the ‘Jump Seat’ camera view
  • Tilt your device left or right to control the paddle


  • Go to FL390
  • Turn on the landing lights
  • Use either ‘Interior Drone’ views to pan over to the display
  • Tilt your device left or right to control the paddle

You can also play the game while in a replay of your flight which have met the criteria above.

For those that want a full history of the game Breakout, you can check out this article, published about ten years ago when the game was a mere 35 years old.

If you haven’t already, go enjoy a game of Breakout in Infinite Flight! Who knows what other easter eggs the developers will come up with in the future.

From Laura Laban’s, Infinite Flight CEO. Hidden within the code “c’est maintenant le moment de rendre l’oeuf de paques super secret” translates roughly to “now is the time to make the easter egg super secret”. Courtesy of a Infinite Flight forum post

Ryan Griswold is a contributor for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Recruiter.