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C—Calculate. Use the appropriate factors and be sure to consider dry/wet runways and associated contamination, planned touchdown point and speed over the landing threshold, wind speed and direction, inoperative equipment, and special cases.

U-Understand. The manufacturer’s AFM landing data is baseline data, and it is derived based on flight test data. Factors should be applied to the data to adjust it for the current conditions. Pilots should adhere to the operator’s SOPs and best operating practices which will result in the safest aeronautical decision making.

S-Stabilize. Ensure that you understand all the requirements of a stabilized approach and you are able to fly one given the actual conditions. If not–GO AROUND!

P-Professional. Land like a professional using the aircraft’s capabilities as described in the AFM and SOPs. A professional puts safety ahead of style.

Translate that the best you can into Infinite Flight terms.

1. ”AC 91-79” advisory from the FAA.

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