Choosing The Perfect Airport

March, 7, 2022 by

I know what some of you may be thinking. “There’s so much activity here. I can handle it.” The question now goes: can you?

When choosing an airport, always ensure you’re positive you feel you can handle the traffic flow which goes in and out of the airport. You never know when the traffic can unexpectedly increase and you’ll find yourself with several planes requesting at the same time. “Don’t get overwhelmed with all these requests. Attend one at a time so you don’t forget any” (Nico Pizarro). If you feel that an airport is too difficult or has too much traffic, you can always choose something different. Nobody is going to judge you for not opening KLAX because it was super busy.

When choosing an airport, ask yourself this:

  • Is the airport manageable?
  • Will the terrain be a problem for me?
  • How busy is it? Will it get busier?
  • Can I handle the traffic?

If you feel you’re unsure of this, you can always test out how much you can handle. Knowing your limit on how much traffic you can handle will keep you out of situations you feel overwhelmed in more times than not. Remember, controlling should be enjoyable, not painful.

Kush Shelat (Adventures), is a high school graduate with an associates degree in General Studies. He is an IFATC Specialist who will start college at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology majoring in Commercial Aviation. He enjoys spending time talking about Aviation and Aviation news and flying in Infinite Flight exploring new places.