Clarifying when to clear for the GPS

March, 23, 2022 by

In the recent v22.1.0.1 update to the ATC Manual the following was updated:

[6.9.4]( — Controllers can favor utilizing vectors in the following cases:

  • if a STAR does not lead aircraft onto the final approach
  • if it would not be expeditious to allow aircraft to fly their entire flight plan with CURRENT traffic levels
  • or if the aircraft has declared a missed approach
  • In these instances, Controllers should provide the aircraft with vectors to the Initial Approach Fix (IAF) as a MINIMUM; and in ALL cases, must ensure that the aircraft is able to establish inbound on the GPS Approach. Once this is assured AND the observed track of the aircraft suggests a successful rejoin, the aircraft can be cleared for the GPS Approach (see 6.9.2 above).

    *Establish inbound is defined as a vector that will allow the aircraft to join the FPL or the Controller sending “Continue as Filed” to allow the aircraft to make their own way to the FPL.

Previously a GPS approach had to be present in the pilot’s flight plan but this is no longer the case.

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