Clear of all runways on Unicom

November, 27, 2019 by

It’s very important when at a non-towered airport to communicate with the other pilots at the airport and inbound. The way you do this is by reporting traffic advisories on the Unicom frequency for that airport.

One of the more important commands you will need to send is “clear of all runways”. Whenever you exit a runway you will need to send this command to let the other pilots know that you are not on the active runway, causing a conflict.

For example, you land at KLAX on runway 24R. Once you exit and the entire aircraft nose to tail is across the hold short line, send “clear of all runways”. You’ll then most likely hold short of runway 24L. Once you have crossed 24L then again send a “clear of all runways” command.

Communication is key and it’s important to work together when ATC is not present.

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