Community Code of Conduct

The IFATC Education Group’s mission is to gather new and aspiring Infinite Flight pilots and controllers all in one place so we can share and discuss new things you’ve learned or seek out answers to questions.

We want the community to be a welcoming one for people to go and be able to ask questions, and learn from those with more experience. There are no dumb questions. We will not tolerate harassment, hate, fear mongering, or similar behavior. For this reason we have outlined the behavior we come to expect and unacceptable behavior we will not tolerate, along with some guidelines regarding our AMAs. Refusal to comply with anything outlined below will result in being banned.

Grievance Process

If you see or experience any unacceptable behavior, please contact a moderator as soon as you can via direct message. A moderator will let you know they’ve received your message, though be aware a response may not be immediate.

A report or complaint will be always be kept anonymous to the community, though shared among moderators; if you want to remain anonymous to moderators other than the one you contacted, please make that explicit when you do contact that person or persons. In either case, we will not name reporters without consent, and even then try to avoid any mention of a reporter.

Encouraged Behavior

Here is a non-comprehensive list we’d implore everyone to follow to help maintain a level of civility within our community.

  • Be respectful while giving and recieving feedback. Direct and constructive feedback is helpful. Everybody is learning. Listen if there’s negative feedback and improve.
  • Be nice, set an example.
  • Treat everyone as if they are equal, no one is more important then the other.
  • This is the most important one; if you don’t know the answer just read and wait. Nothing wrong from learning from others if you know you may not be correct.
  • Before you react, think about how you’d feel to receive the comment you’re about to give.

Unacceptable Behavior

We will not tolerate harassment. Harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Negative comments based on race, sex, sexuality, gender, nationality, neurotypicality, political affiliation, physical appearance, home life or history, disability
  • Threats of violence, physical or virtual
  • Sexual actions, insinuations, attentions, or remarks
  • Attempts at intimidation
    Publishing personally identifying information
  • Patronizing, micro-aggressive, or other belittling comments
  • Continued digressions, disruptions, and derailing of someone’s conversation when asked not to.
  • Blacklisting or freezing out other members, demonstration of unwillingness to listen to someone due to any or other characteristics as listed above.

AMA Guidlines

A main staple of the IFATC Education Group is our AMAs “Ask Me Anythings”. We want each and every guest to feel welcome. Treat them as if they are entering your home, we want it to be a very positive and fun experience for everyone. The goal is to learn new things about them or what they do or what they’re doing.

We do not want to promote the following behavior so that we can keep the discussions productive and interesting.

  • No Support Related Inquiries. Please post your question in the support category on the forum.
  • No Feature Requests. “Can XX plane be added”, “When will XX be added”, etc. Please go to the features category on the forum to express your interest in a feature.
  • No plugging. Do not plug your app, group, Virtual Airline, Virtual Organization, etc. unless it’s relevant to the guest.

Ask around a max of one to two, maybe three, questions that are well thought out, then let others get in their questions in. Read, learn something new, but most importantly, have fun.


If a moderator contacts you and asks you to stop certain behavior, do so immediately. Failure to do so may result in the moderators banning you, at their discretion.

If your behavior has drawn attention that requires a moderator contacting you, be aware that this will definitely be remembered. Repeating the behavior that incurs warnings will result in banning.

If you have been warned, then call out or personally attack another member whom you think reported you, you will be banned.

If you have been watch listed or blacklisted by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Board or suspended on the Infinite Flight Community at any time, you will be immediately banned. Outside conduct from the Workshop plays into our decision making process. This is without exception and can not be contested.