Congratulations to the new IFATC trainers

October, 26, 2021 by

The IFATCEG would like to congratulate the two newest IFATC trainers, Anthony_Morgan and Syncline. 

Anthony, who resides in Singapore, joins the list of trainers handling the Asia region. He has been in IFATC since August 2020 and became an IFATC Officer in February 2021. With over 30,000 ATC operations during his time in IFATC and a 100% activity percentage, he is the most active controller in IFATC by activity percentage. 

Syncline, whose first name is Ricky, joins the list of trainers residing in Europe. Originally from Indonesia, he is a student currently studying in Germany. In addition to his new roles in IFATC, Ricky is also the Chief Operating Officer at Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group, one of the largest virtual airlines representing the Asia region of Infinite Flight.

Congratulations to the new IFATC trainers! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to IFATC and training the next group of Expert Server controllers.

Matt, better known as Thunderbolt, is an editor for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and the Founder of the IFATCLive Twitch Group.