Coping with increased traffic during the coronavirus pandemic

May, 14, 2020 by

There’s been a lot of controllers opening the main hub over the past few weeks who aren’t fully equipped with the skills to handle those larger loads of traffic. Due to COVID-19, traffic volumes are higher than ever and the hubs are bustling day in and day out.

Please, be proactive. Don’t open up just to realize 10 minutes later you can’t handle it. You end up providing poor quality service and give the team a negative look.

If you’re worried about traffic amounts, open at a secondary airport! They will often get a steady stream of traffic and can prove lots of fun to control.

If you’re considering opening the hub, run these through your mind:

  • Can I handle it without approach?
  • Can I handle the frequency by myself?
  • Can I handle this traffic volume for the next hour?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, don’t open. Leave it to the senior specialists, officers, trainers, and sups.

Please, we’ve seen this happen so much, especially due to the mass influx of controllers recently.

It reflects better on you if you open the secondary airport and provide quality service rather than open the hub and struggle for an hour.