Creating an ATC Tracking Thread

September, 18, 2020 by

ATC Tracking Threads can be highly useful to newer controllers looking to join IFATC. In a nutshell, the controller announces on the Infinite Flight Community Forum when they open an airport. Community members will show up and provide feedback, helping the controller grow.

Step One – Title

The title is a very important aspect of a tracking thread. Titles should be formatted like so:

Name’s ATC Tracking Thread – [Status] @ N/A

The controller should replace “Name” with their own name. “Status” should be replaced with “Open” or “Closed” depending on if the owner of the thread is actively controlling or not. “N/A” should be replaced with the ICAO of the controlled airport.

Step Two – Choosing a Suitable Airport

A perfect airport for training looks like a quiet, small airport with parallel runways. Here are a few great airports:

  • PGUA
  • PGUM
  • KFAT
  • EDDT
  • KLCK
  • RODN

Step Three – Feedback

After the session, pilots that flew for the controller will most likely provide feedback. A great way to absorb it is to read it while watching the session’s replay. If the controller has any questions, they can ask the pilots, direct them to their trainer, or receive feedback from the Education Group (if they do not have a trainer).

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Luca Caviness is an editor for the IFATC Education Group and an IFATC Supervisor. He is also a real-world student pilot.