Creating events to increase airport diversity

September, 15, 2021 by

Recently, I’ve read an influx of community forum posts that involve the idea that the IFATC region system lacks the diversity and uniqueness that the old ATC schedule had. Throughout this entire ordeal, I’ve remained impartial about the matter, and having read through many of these topics, I understand where both sides are coming from.

With that in mind, I’ve recognized the fact that part of this change was to be able to highlight the community’s events and allow for worldwide ATC coverage, including these events. For this reason, I encourage anyone who wants to help the cause of expanding the diversity of the airports that IFATC open by creating events on the community. More often than not, an event will receive IFATC coverage at the event airport, and by hosting events at diverse airports, you are in turn allowing IFATC to explore these new places while also having a steady flow of traffic to stay busy. You’ll also be able to have fun and meet new community members along the way, which is never a bad thing.

If you’ve never created an event before, there’s no need to worry – community moderator Balloonchaser has created a very resourceful event creation guide. Soon enough, improvements will happen on the region system front, and through events, this progression can happen sooner.

Matt, better known as Thunderbolt, is an editor for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and the Founder of the IFATCLive Twitch Group.