Departure queues and who is at fault

September, 14, 2019 by

There’s a 11 aircraft long queue for runway 27L and 4 aircraft long queue for runway 27R. Who’s at fault?

Is tower not using the separation given to them by approach and failing to fire out departures? Are they taking anticipated separation into account, maximizing opportunities. Or is it ground’s fault for not evenly spacing out the traffic on each runway.

The problem is that it almost always ground’s issue. By focusing on one runway, whether that be due to aircraft spawning on one side of the airport or an unnecessary focus on one runway.

Then you look to Tower, then Approach.

It’s easy to fault Tower for not maximizing opportunities and gaps, or approach for giving Tower minimal spacing. If the aircraft aren’t evenly distributed and the flow is not being managed from the gate, then it has a domino effect that will effect every frequency at the airport.

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