Join our Discord server

This server’s main purpose is create a place for all IFATC members to collaborate while they make posts for our blog and offer our readers a place to meet and contribute.

Here is a quick guide to explain the channels we offer.

Events: A list of our upcoming events organized by contributors.
Public Stage: A voice chat that contributors and up can use to put on spur of the moment voice events.
Event Stage: A voice chat for scheduled events. The host of the event will need the “Host” role to moderate the channel.

Public Chats

All public channels are available to everyone.

#lounge: A place to talk to everyone about anything.
#ideas: Suggest ideas for future posts. Anything related to controlling or flying is allowed.
#instagram: Post your best screenshots to be shared on our Instagram.
#memes: Share your favorite memes.

Request Pilots

You can request pilots in any channel by tagging @Standby Pilots. Go to the #about channel and react to the message at the bottom of the channel to become a standby pilot.

Behind The Scenes

These channels are read-only for readers but can be used by contributors and up.

#writing-guide: Guide on how to submit a post to be published on our blog.
#writing: Blog post edits.
#contributors: Post approval messages for contributors. Once a contributor submits their post it will be automatically sent to this channel, then another automated message will be sent once it is approved.

We host question and answer events, voice chat events, and much more. If that’s something that you’d be interested in then join!