Don’t deviate from a thunderstorm

August, 23, 2019 by

According to the FAA’s Instrument Flying Handbook, “A straight course minimizes the amount of time in the thunderstorms and turning only increases structural stress on the aircraft (FAA)”

When flying on Infinite Flight, it can be fun to simulate this. Simply open up a basic weather radar on the web and follow where the storm goes in relation to your course and your aircraft’s current location. Use towns and cities to get your bearings.

This advice doesn’t cover all situations and is broad, but you should avoid turning to deviate out of a thunderstorm. But based on the severity of the storm, and it’s size, it may be advisable to turn around. The smartest way to avoid thunderstorms is to simply keep your distance.

1. “FAA-H-8083-16B” Instrument Flying Handbook

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