Don’t Lose Hope

March, 11, 2022 by

One thing that I would always recommend for people in or just starting IFATC is to not lose hope. I know it can be hard. Both the written and Practical tests for both local and radar may seen difficult, but I guarantee that it isn’t if you practice and ask questions. As my recruiter Wesley Henrich puts it, “Think carefully before answering and use a pen and paper to drawl out some questions and help you visualize them if necessary”.

I remember when I started my recruitment process. I failed all three with my last attempt being 76%. I was so upset and it felt like I wasn’t meant for this, and I almost quit. However, I gained new motivation and pushed further, eventually passing my written and entering IFATC training. There I met my first trainer: Cole (AsternAviation). He taught me everything I know and before I knew it, I passed my practical and entered IFATC. From there I passed my Specialist check ride. Once I met the requirements I then entered Radar Training with Nico Pizarro later on.

My point is, it can seem like it’s a daunting task, but it’s possible to do anything you wish as long as you put your all into it. If you want to do your first long haul, go for it! If you want to control as IFATC, go for it! It’s all up to you! As long as you put your 100% into it.

Kush Shelat (Adventures), is a high school graduate with an associates degree in General Studies. He is an IFATC Specialist who will start college at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology majoring in Commercial Aviation. He enjoys spending time talking about Aviation and Aviation news and flying in Infinite Flight exploring new places.