Don’t stop before exiting the runway

January, 3, 2022 by

Sometimes, I notice a lot of pilots doing a full stop when landing and then holding short at the hold short line. I would want to explain how to deal woth this situation the right way. This topic may have already been recognized but it’s never the less a good idea to be reminded.

If a pilot lands on. A runway of their choice, ATC will tell them to exit the runway when the aircraft has achieved 80 knots ground speed. This would mean that the pilot is allowed to cross the hold short line and to contact ground a safe speed and request taxi to parking. This is mandatory because if there is a lot of traffic inbound and every airplane blocks the exit of the runway for a certain amound of time, it would delay the flow of the traffic at that airport.

This can make the controller’s work very stressful at busy times as well as for other pilots recognizing that the exit of the runway is blocked. It’s obvious what happens if more than one pilot comes to a full stop. Sometimes, you would hear the command “continue taxi”, wich is one of the best viable commands to move the pilot beyond the hold short line and contact ground.

Best thing to do is completely exit the runway before stopping. If you need time to switch, exit the runway, stop AFTER you have exited the runway and cleared beyond the hold short lines.

Correct stopping point (if necessary):

Incorrect stopping point:

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