Ending our daily post schedule

April, 16, 2022 by

But we’re not going to stop writing.

Since February 2, 2019 me and over 80 contributors from the IFATC shared over 930 individual blog posts, posted once daily, every day.

I personally wrote over 688 of those posts. And there are a few days missed but those were rare.

Lot of hard work and time goes in to making each post, no matter how many words are contained within.

It’s a remarkable catalogue of educational content that we’ve created that a lot of people enjoy.

We hit 300 newsletter subscribers recently, thank you all for reading! You’re the motivation we use to help us continue to write.

The blog was created to give all IFATC an outlet to share their experiences, knowledge, real-world experience and things they learn with a large attentive audience.

It’s not one person’s blog, it’s a group. Hence the name, IFATC Education Group.

As long as they’re updated, our older posts are timeless. Anyone could pick one up and find it relevant and useful.

We will be ending our daily post schedule but will continue to write for you. And it’s not for a lack of things to talk about.

We want to work on improving the functionality of our website to help those seeking information so it’s more sharable and easier to find. This will take a lot of work and time to create.

We will update you on the progress, continue to add to the library of posts availble when necessary and share any and all news.

Thank you all for continuing to read all these years and thank you to anyone who contributes to the group in any way.

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More