From controlling on training to becoming IFATC

August, 14, 2020 by

Hello, my name is Mervin Maher Sui. You might know me as MJMN. I joined Infinite Flight Simulator in 2016 but it was not until March 2020 when i started the Global version Infinite Flight. I was playing this as a hobby and started to invest my time into Infinite Flight Community Forum.

In late March I got reported in a FNF flight at Madrid and that brought down my confidence. I came back to the expert server after a week but I was always scared of flying into busy ATC airports. I panicked if I got some new command which I didn’t know. But I always tried to learn. That is when I started to watch IFATC tutorials and also read the ATC manual. Then I joined couple of virtual airline’s and slowly by flying more and more again, I found my confidence growing back. I have had 4 ghost on expert server, in which 3 have been overturned. I became a staff member in a virtual airline for a while.

Then I started doing ATC on the training server. First day I just had five planes on my Tower frequency at EGLL and I got scared. I did not know what i should do. What are the write commands? Eventually I closed the frequency. Daily I did practice but closed after a while because i was unable to handle more than four aircraft on my frequency. Slowly and steadily my controlling on training server got better. Then I also started doing radar controlling which was more fun for me as I always thought I was better at radar controlling than tower. I finally thought I was ready to join the IFATC and so I contacted my recruiter, Adam Williams.

Adam has been the best person in the whole forum and IFATC I have known. When I contacted him for the first time he gave answer to my each question. He informed me that due to my recent ghost at FNF in Madrid, I could only appear for my written exam after 30 days. I waited for 30 days. Daily I did the ATC at EGLL and KLAX mostly for getting to know busy traffic. I also found many trollers.

Finally on 26th May, 2020 I gave my written test. I failed. I was very sad. After 1 month of doing hard work on Training Server with pilots who not listen much to you, I had to wait for another 30 days now. But still I took it as a positive thing. I read the IFATC Manual again and this time i did the practice quiz for IFATC daily. I started getting 100% in each test. I reappeared for the written exam on 26th June, 2020. This time i cleared it. I gave my practicals 2 days after and passed it as well. Finally on 29th June, 2020 I joined IFATC.

First I started as an apprentice. I used to get very less traffic as I could only control charlie and delta airports. This was a learning and getting to know phase on the expert server ATC for me. Somedays i did not even get a single aircraft. Still the experience was good. I got promoted after 5 days to IFATC Specialist in checkride phase. Now i could control Bravo airports leaving the Hubs. I also controlled a session of spit test – 6 aircrafts in pattern. Then after 3 days i was promoted to fully IFATC specialist. I started slow, controlling secondary hubs and less traffic airports. Then i started controlling hubs after one week. First hub for me was SBGR. I have controlled big traffic airports in my one month career in IFATC like Frankfurt, Mumbai, Bogota with dual tower, London Heathrow, etc. On 29th July, 2020 my one month was over in IFATC and coincidentally we had Madrid airport as the hub which i got reported for the first time. I controlled Madrid for 2 hours to make the day more special.

I wish to control more big traffic airports and FNF hubs in the future. Would surely try to be an IFATC officer someday. Just now focusing to sharpen my skills and be better to provide my fellow pilots with the best service possible. Thank you all for reading my post. Stay Safe! Take Care!