How I’d check ATIS while flying

October, 19, 2020 by ,

There’s several different scenarios for how I’d check ATIS when flying when I hear broadcasted “Attention all aircraft, information Bravo is now current”. That is the broadcast message used by ground and tower when a new ATIS is published.

  • Before pushback and while taxiing: I’d check ATIS, not D-ATIS. D-ATIS is a good reference though. I’d check so that I can have the updated information and be able to use the current information in the ATC transmissions so ATC knows I have the current information.
  • Departing: I’d check ATIS, not D-ATIS. Same reason as before.
  • Before contacting approach: Check ATIS, same reason as before.
  • While with approach: I would check D-ATIS, I’d never leave approach’s frequency.
  • If approach isn’t open when with Tower: Check ATIS or D-ATIS.
  • On final: Check nothing unless I’m asked to, I’m landing.

Checking ATIS would just be a quick in and out of the frequency so that I can read it in the ATC log or D-ATIS and be able to use the phonetic letter in the ATC messages.

It’s important that all controllers and pilots have the same information. The way controllers check this is by checking what information you have. This information will be included in the message you send in your pushback, taxi, takeoff, landing, or approach requests. By tuning into ATIS it’ll automatically add the phonetic letter (i.e. Alpha, Bravo) for the ATIS you heard to your message. So you have to tune in again to get the new phonetic letter.

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More