How to activate APPR

December, 10, 2019 by

Here is a step by step check list to use to activate auto-approach (APPR). It’s a much more detailed and realistic procedure now, in comparison to the past iteration.

The only type of approach you can use auto-approach for is an ILS approach. Once you are within 27nm of your destination, you will need to do the following to tune to the ILS frequency to gain the ability to activate auto-approach.

  1. Click the airport to show more information
  2. Go to runways
  3. Click the runway that you’d like to land on. If it doesn’t have an ILS frequency then you won’t be able to use auto-approach because that’s the only approach that supports auto-approach.
  4. Click “Set NAV 1”
  5. Click NAV
  6. Set the NAV source to NAV 1
  7. Make sure the radial matches runway heading, it should do that automatically
  8. Click AP ON (assuming you have the AP on)
  9. Click APPR NAV
  10. Click APPR when you’d like to activate auto-approach. (You need to have VS AP on)

It will be very important that you plan beforehand when attempting any approach, but especially an ILS approach. Know the runway heading and check the approach plate for that approach. Be prepared so your workload is low when you get to that critical phase, within 27nm of the airport.

See this tutorial here for a visual example.

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More