How to Calculate Vref

August, 29, 2020 by

Vref, or reference speed, is a plane’s target speed on approach. Such an important speed takes into account everything from wind to aircraft weight. Because of this complexity, it’s best to let the computer calculate this for us. In modern aircraft, this is calculated using the flight management system, or FMS.

In Infinite Flight, however this isn’t an option. Without something like this, we would be stuck using aircraft charts (which are often hard to find) to find Vref. Luckily, free software such as SimBrief or FPLtoIF exist to help us find Vref. By following their provided steps, you are able to find Vref without all the hard work!

Ryan Epps is a writer for the IFATC Education Group. He is also a commercial pilot, flight instructor, and helps run the Airport Editing Team, currently as an Airport Editing Manager.