How to fly professionally during a training session

March, 6, 2022 by

In the IFATC or the IFATC Education Group Discord server, trainers running official training sessions or trainees running their own individual session may ask for pilots.

In our server, we have a group of Standby Pilots who, if availble, will fly pattern work for you. All you have to do is mention @StandbyPilot in any channel to send them a notification.

It is important to know that when you decide to join a training session it is to help and not to cause problems for the person in control, who is learning.

So you need some basics and if you forget at any time something you can always redirect to Infinite Flight’s Flying Guide.

Here you have your assignment given to you and now you will have to follow the instructions given to you in the training session. From there, there are two types of sessions.

Local for controllers who are in their training to become IFATC and then Radar for IFATC members who are in their training to become qualified to control the Center, Approach and Departure frequencies.

When you are going to local session, follow instructions on the basics of air traffic control, the ones you learned during your local session.

When you are in a Radar session you are going to flying different approach types but you also have to pay attention to any separation busts with the ground or an airplane, and share those busts in your feedback.

6.2.1 – Terrain separation: aircraft must be provided with at least 1000ft AGL (above ground level) terrain clearance at all times.

6.2.2 — Aircraft separation: aircraft must be no closer than 3nm laterally or 1000ft vertically at all times.

When you are flying on a radar session you will also have to be careful about your speed on the different pattern leg but also when you are coming from another airport. Some useful speed to know, here below :

Downwind : 210 – 250 KIAS

Base : 180 – 210 KIAS

Final : 160 – 180 KIAS

From Recommended profile for commercial aircraft per IFATC manual.

If you’d like to apply to become IFATC so you can receive training, apply here!

Baptiste Desmet is a writer for IFATC Education Group. He’s going through his radar training to become a radar control. He loves to control and help others in different tasks within the community. He is also IFVARB Board Member and President of Air Belgium Virtual.