IF Flightplan Tools

November, 5, 2021 by

IF Flight Plan Tools first went live on April 17th 2021 which was Adam’s project he had been working on to learn how to do some coding. With regular updates the website is now more popular than ever with multiple webpages from designing your own flight plan to checking the Live status on the Expert Server!

Many people take advantage of the FPL editor and create approaches that aren’t available in app, for example the NZQN RNP into RWY23:

Whilst others use their creativity to make fun FPLs such as this “Among Us” image:

You can also use the website to get a map of all the 3D airports currently in the sim (as of 21.6):

Away from your device and want a quick update to where you are currently on your FPL or how far you are from your TOD, you can use the “Flight Status” webpage to search for your flight and get a simple breakdown of everything:

Take a look at the official thread of the website here: https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/if-flightplan-tools/555054 for more information or go here to be directed to the website.

If you’ve any suggestions for Adam you can drop him a message in the thread linked above or in private by messaging @AdamCallow on the IFC.

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Eoghan Collins is a writer for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Officer and a member of the IFATC Testing Team. In the real world, he enjoys spending time on the rugby pitch or with his dog.