If you fail, just start again.

February, 20, 2022 by

Yes, it’s me, I’m back to writing for IFATC Education Group. Months ago, I started my radar training in order to become an IFATC Officer and to be able to open frequencies such as approach, departure and center.

Unfortunately, the school and everything I had to do around but also next its come to shake my plans, my different duties became more and more important and I unfortunately had no time to devote to good sessions, because you have to know that a radar session takes some time to plan to be sure to give the best possible service to the community.

My trainer, whom I thank for all the time spent teaching me (Antoine) had well noticed this lack of planning, it is also, in part, why I decided to stop there. At first, I said that I would resume as soon as possible and then I was more and more busy and I had removed this idea from my head.

We could say that the story ends there but, fortunately no, you could understand it at the title. A few days ago, I decided to return to the IFATC to do more and more training sessions and learn more and more, so I decided to start my training again. Well, that’s what I’m gonna do in a few days and always, with my super radar trainer, Antoine!

Here is my little story that I wanted to share with you all to let you know that you never have to stay on the past decision, always move on, to a better future!

Baptiste Desmet is a writer for IFATC Education Group. He’s going through his radar training to become a radar control. He loves to control and help others in different tasks within the community. He is also IFVARB Board Member and President of Air Belgium Virtual.