IFATC Are Human Too

April, 22, 2020 by

There may be times that something happens in Infinite Flight in a controlled airspace which is clearly controller fault. You may have been sequenced incorrectly. Maybe you weren’t cleared for a landing which causes you to go around. Perhaps it’s something else.

Although IFATC are tested, trained and quality checked extensively, mistakes do happen.

It is very important to IFATC how the controller reacts and learns from their mistake to help ensure it doesn’t happen again.

How can IFATC follow-up on their mistake?

Don’t be surprised while you’re flying in a controlled airspace if an ‘I’m sorry’ command is sent to you by the controller if they realize their mistake while you are still on their frequency.

In addition, if you are a member of the Infinite Flight Community Forums, you may receive a message from the controller explaining what happened and apologizing for said mistake.

We are here to serve you, the pilots, and to give you the best flying experience possible.

IFATC are human too.