IFATC Officer’s experience streaming on Twitch

April, 5, 2021 by

Let us begin by going all the way back to 2016. For me, joining IFATC was not easy. I failed my written test too many times to count and it got to the point where there were two options, either pass this one or never be able to join IFATC. I passed it and commenced my training while also watching the videos on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel. After passing the practical I gradually went through the ranks. Once I got to the officer position, I started controlling FNF approach as well as the busy airport within the regions every day. This At one time I was reaching over 10,000 operations a week. I joined the training team after that and loaded up on trainees. Some nights it was a straight 2-3 hours of training. I did that for a while before I stepped down and then stepped away from IF completely.

A little bit about me, I am a Freshman at the University of North Dakota majoring in commercial aviation. I recently got my PPL and am now working on earning my commercial-multi-instrument license with a complex endorsement. I still do not know what airline I would like to work for because they are all great ones! I do aspire to fly for Trans Maldivian in the Maldives for a few years before I fly for a major airline within the US.

Streaming on Twitch just came to me one day after thinking about how Infinite flight has started to stream massive group flights so I thought it would be a great idea to stream my controlling sessions to. The first session was in Johannesburg controlling Approach which was quite popular. Now that I stream frequently, I have found my biggest motivation is to help current radar controllers, the other IFATC members, and the pilots observe and learn the tactics that I incorporate within the sessions. For example, using holding patterns in Geneva which is tactic that not many controllers use. I also show how speed commands are crucial to maintain the minimum 3nm spacing between aircraft.

I would love if you did check out my twitch channel! I stream my sessions where I am approach/center for the Aviation Dan streams and other busy sessions! I announce when I am open on the Infinite Flight Community Forum thread I made for the streams which I have linked below! Hope to see you on my radar screen flying soon!

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Ethan Hansen is a contributor for the IFATC Education Group. He is a student at the University of North Dakota majoring in commercial aviation. He recently got his PPL and is now working on earning a commercial-multi-instrument license with a complex endorsement. He is an IFATC Officer.