ifatc.org’s new developer

April, 19, 2021 by

I think it’s safe to say that when DenverChris, the previous developer of ifatc.org, said the site was shutting down, it was a huge surprise for the whole IFATC team, including myself! Over the course of several debates and negotiations, it was decided that I would take over the management and upkeep of the site.

Before we get too deep into the nitty gritty, a little about me – my name is Lucas, and I’m a high school student living in South London, UK. In my spare time, I love flying, plane spotting, and of course software developing!

So anyway, back to the story – after many sleepless nights of hunting through 25,000 lines of uncommented code, I managed to finally get the site working in time for the deprecation of the old Infinite Flight API. A big thanks to Cameron for his willingness to assist with the new API!

Finally, with the necessary help of generous community contributions (which are still needed, contact me for more info), I was able to put the site back online, and whilst not much had gone on visibly, a lot had been changed behind the scenes.

And there are more updates on the way! On May 1st, a UI update will be pushed, making the site more modern, and compatible with new ATC Regions, as well as adding support for Center frequencies.

If you want to contribute ideas and suggestions, no matter how big or small they are, feel free to get in contact, or fill in this short form!

Lucas Rebato is a high school student living in South London, UK. In his spare time, he loves flying, plane spotting, and of course software developing. He is the developer of ifatc.org and an IFATC Specialist.