IFATC Radar Time-Lapse at KSAN: I had a plan

January, 11, 2021 by

For this session, I went in with only one other experience on San Diego approach, so I already had a plan, and it wasn’t nearly as busy that time. I had hopped on in somewhat of a rush, as the tower controller was in need of help near the start of the session, but we ended up providing an amazing service once we were both settled in and focused. The inbound count was at about 50, and a lot in the next 20 and 60 minutes later on in the session, so not too crazy, but definitely not slow when it came to inbounds.

As for the plan, I hadn’t exactly anticipated servicing as many aircraft as I did because I’m not the type of controller to even take moderate to heavy traffic levels on radar, but it ended up working out that way. I really had to think and use strategies that I’d seen used at hubs, and all worked well. With the help of lots of speed commanding and some smaller vectors to ensure spacing would be good and base turns would be consistent, I managed to pull off a decent line towards the end of the session. A huge thank you goes out to my ground and tower controllers (ToasterStroodie and FlyRunwayHeading), as well as center (Neto_Campelo), they did an amazing job helping me succeed!

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Shane H. is a contributor and an IFATC Supervisor.