IFATC Stats: 24-30 April 2021

May, 2, 2021 by

Great work from the following 20 controllers for being the most active out of our entire team in the past 90 days.

Controller Days Active
Alexandre 94%
Edoardo_C 93%
Drummer 92%
NJ24 92%
Kyle0705 92%
Anthony_Morgan 92%
Siddhansh 91%
Vignesh_S 91%
Neto_Campelo 91%
Speedbird222 91%
Jakub_Astary 90%
Ramzi_Khairan 87%
ShaneAviation 84%
Enrique_Fernandez 83%
MJMN 82%
Zachary_Naponic 81%
xvalespx 80%
Rob_M 78%
AviationReports 78%
Jet_Airways_995 78%

Region Distribution

The region assignment program has been fully set into motion, allowing new controllers to select one of ten global regions around the world, control any airport within that regional boundary at any time, and remain within their area of operation on a more permanent basis. Read more about the change here.

Here is what the current distribution looks like for the IFATC’s first week using this new program.

If you are interested in becoming an IFATC controller, head over to our ATC Recruiting Topic, read all instructions, and submit an application to get started!

Tyler Shelton is the ATC Community Manager for Infinite Flight. He is also a real-world civilian air traffic controller with the FAA assigned to Harrisburg International Airport [KMDT].